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Gabriela Artigas only sources Conflict-Free Diamonds and Precious Stones.

Founded in 2003, the eponymous Los Angeles-based jewelry line by Gabriela and Teresita Artigas embraces the beauty in complexity: pieces range from delicately minimalist earrings with sharp extruding tusks to boldly architectural necklaces tied with leather ribbon.  


Working with fine materials such as 14 karat gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones, designer Gabriela and her sister Teresita have sold their boldly minimalist jewelry to some of the most discerning boutiques in the world.

As influenced by their roots in Mexico City's the sisters are by contemporary culture (grandfather Francisco was noted modernist architect and friends range from rock musicians to restauranteurs), Gabriela Artigas creates "everyday statement jewelry" -- pieces that are remarkably easy to wear and effortlessly transition from the office to the stage, and anywhere the adventurous modern woman might go.  


Gabriela Artigas’s pieces are handcrafted in California, the production is a representation not just of the sisters aesthetic and dedication to quality, but also of the way in which they live. Most of the pieces are conceived and built under the same roof; while the production numbers tend to hover in the dozen. A piece’s production cycle is rarely continued after its initial run, by keeping numbers low they are forced into perpetual reinvention. A reinvention not dictated by the fashion cycle of summer, winter and cruise collections but by a slower and thorough commitment towards craft.